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Having completed a Certificate in Advanced Studies from La Manufacture (Haute École des Arts de la Scène de la Suisse Romande) in Animation et Médiation Théâtrale (Theatre Outreach, Theatre Teaching and Education Through Theatre) and another in Dramaturgy, I create dynamic educational, social and artistic projects in partnership with various associations.


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About me

I grew up in London until leaving for my studies. After obtaining a master's degree from the Universities of Geneva and Nottingham, I took part in a CELTA course which qualified me to teach English. I quickly realised that, when learning a language, confidence and enjoyment are far more important than grammar and vocabulary. It was upon this realisation that I began to discover the tools that theatre has to offer.

Almost a decade later, I continue to discover new facets of this infinite art each and every day, to such an extent that theatre has now become the centre of my personal and professional life. After several experiences on stage as a producer, then an actor and finally as a writer and director, I now apply theatrical methodologies to the stage, to artistic creation, to Human Rights Education, to the teaching of diverse subjects, and to various socio-cultural projects.

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