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Mama Rivaz Affiche (JPEG).jpg
Mama Rivaz Affiche (JPEG).jpg

April 28th to May 7th 2023 // Salle Communale de Rivaz

Mamma Rivaz

After selling out six nights in a row (over 800 tickets in total) to The Lion King last year, we didn’t want to lose momentum. The Rivaz Choir and myself are thus proud to present our next Musical: Mamma Mia, which will be played (in French) on the weekends of the 28th of April and the 5th of May in Rivaz (Salle Communale), in the heart of the beautiful Lavaux UNESCO-world-heritage-wine-growing region of Switzerland.


Interspersed with Abba’s beautiful musical arrangements, you’ll encounter a series of poems, on the subject of love in all of its different forms, resulting from my compilation and edition of heartfelt true stories shared by each member of the choir in a theatrical writing workshop created by yours truly. No need to speak any French to appreciate this simple yet beautiful musical!

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