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Thank you Nyan for contributing so much to the success of our Human Rights Education program thanks to your skills in running workshops and in teaching more generally, thanks to your passion and your commitment to Human Rights and Solidarity

Angélique Duruz, Responsable de la formation, Amnesty International section suisse


Over the course of the year, Nyan proposed a framework which allowed the participants to fully take possession of their creative project (writing, scenography, costumes, directing, performance etc.). He is enthusiastic, energetic and open, always seeking opportunities to improve the quality of his work. His values of inclusion, openness, support and intellectual courage were an asset. to Scène Active.

Virginia Bjertnes, Director, Scène Active

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As director of Spirale Theatre company, co-director of the Parfumerie theatre, and director of the play El Dorado, it's my pleasure to warmly recommend Nyan, who participated in this project with seriousness, dedication and talent. We worked in an excellent atmosphere, and Nyan's contribution was important on both a human and an artistic level. We rehearsed intensely and with a high level of exigency in order to stage this play concerning migration which united more than 40 people. Since the beginning of the rehearsals, Nyan participated regularly in the preparation. Throughout the period of rehearsals and the live shows, he never flagged in his motivation, creativity and curiosity, always on the lookout for new tools. I warmly recommend him to anyone who would have the opportunity to work with him.

Patrick Mohr, director of Théâtre Spirale, co-directeur de la Parfumerie, director of the play Eldorado

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Nyan's workshop is like a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stressful uni life. No matter how tired you are before entering the room, you'll come out full of ideas and energy. Nyan makes every single participant feel welcome and included, and enables everyone to express themselves. His activities helped us to work on body language, improv, story writing/telling and much more. Every time a workshop ends, you can't wait for the next one to start!

Catherine Jost, Participante à l'atelier de théâtre en anglais à l'Université de Genève