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We look forward to presenting our play in your institution ! Here is some information that could be useful : 




At this address (, you will find a full recording of our play, as well as a high definition version of the trailer and a selection of extracts from the play, all of which can also be downloaded.


Content and promotion


Without passing judgement, our musical presents a set of simple observations about our relationships with our mobile phones. Here (, you can find the page accessible to all, including our poster, and photos of recent performances.


iObsolete is not science fiction. It is not an attempt to educate, raise awareness, inform or manipulate in any way. Rather, we create an open space for debate and reflection on a topic which we’ve come to take for granted. 




iObsolete can be staged in any space in which complete darkness can be achieved. No technical support is required. Access to a piano would be a bonus, but not a necessity.




The price per performance is negotiable depending on the institution making the request, with an initial base-price of CHF 2’500 with a degressive rate for more than one performance purchased.




Outreach and or theatre-facilitation activities linked to the play and its subject matter can also be arranged.


“i-Obsolete”, de l’atelier anglophone de théâtre de l’UNIGE


What would our mobile phones say to us, if they could talk back?


Asimov asked this question about robots in “i-Robot”.


We asked this question about phones in “i-Phone”.


Then we realised that Apple found that title before we did.


And maybe told us a little too much about their product, in doing so…


So, in the end, we’ve gone with “i-Obsolete”.


On the weekend of the 17th of March 2023, at Uni Mail MS180, Geneva, the University of Geneva’s English-speaking theatre troupe will be presenting a play that we’d love to share with you.


We’ve embarked on a multidisciplinary theatrical exploration of our relationship with our phones, and the results have been surprising and beautiful.


Half an hour of poetry, music, dance and other surprises, all composed, choreographed and written specifically for this play.


Entry is free, and a hat will be passed around at the end of the play.


Imagine having somebody who’s there to keep you company every single night before sleeping. Somebody who knows you so well that they can predict your next action with extreme accuracy. Somebody who knows all your secrets, what you are interested in, who you are interested in. Somebody who can read your mind. Somebody you’ve been sharing your whole life with….  Do you have such a presence in your life? If you think you don’t, just check your pockets… you’ll find a small box with a screen that knows you far better than your lovers, much better than your mum. What would it say if it could speak to you?  Come and find out on the weekend of the 17th of March in MS180, Uni Mail

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