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Specta(c)tor theatre forum troupe

(Click here to visit our official website)

Specta(c)tor is a Genevan theatre-forum collective founded by Nyan Storey.

We work in English and French, and through non-verbal methods, such as image theatre.

Specta(c)tor was born when Kléa Faniko commissioned a theatre forum with the objective of fighting sexist discrimination in the context of academic research. The play thus created is called Coffee Machine. Thanks to this play's sucess, we were then invited to present it in other institutions, which made the creation of this collective necessary.

As well as continuing to present Coffee Machine, Specta(c)tor is working on its next theatre forum, which will be on the subject of racism.

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Theatre-forum is a type of interactive theatre used to address societal problems of all types.


During a theatre-forum performance the audience has the opportunity to react to problematic situations as they are being acted out, and is invited to join us on stage to intervene directly.


This happens within a framework specially designed to accompany those with no acting experience whatsoever. The actors on stage improvise based on the propositions made by the members of the audience, who are accompanied at all times by an empathetic guide while on stage.


Rather than a play to be passively consumed, this is a collaborative search for solutions to real problems : “Spectators” thus become “Specta(c)tors”, hence the name of our troupe. We look forward to finding solutions together !

Other theatre forum projects I've been involved in :

Silex Theatre Company_ Acting in and assisting in the directing of a theatre forum with the purpose of consulting the population of the Swiss Canton of Valais on the content of its new constitution // Running a one-day workshop on theatre forum techniques in the context of social work at HES-Sierre.

Éclairage Public theatre company_ Co-directing and acting in several plays and other experiences using techniques such as Theatre Forum and Invisible Theatre

Don't Turn a Blind Eye (Amnesty International)_ Acting in an interactive play designed to raise awareness of sexist violence and train spectactors to intervene in such situations. More info...

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